Tatana Kellner ARTISTS BOOKS silkscreen and inkjet printed
Whereas, We Declare
silkscreen and inkjet printed
13" x 19" x .5"

Whereas, We Declare: Courage is an artist’s book that combines the text from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) with drawn images and statistical information about immigration. Texts celebrate how the history of accepting immigrants to USA, is essential to defining who we are as a nation, both by enriching our cultural horizons as well as contributing significantly the science, industry and the humanities. It points to the now 70 year old document (UDHR) created by the UN in 1948, and signed by 48 nations, which underscores the shortsightedness of the current anti-immigrant fervor.
The entire UDHR is included, along with a listing of the signatory nations, and immigrants who have made significant contributions to our society and culture. Selected texts from the UDHR are hand stamped using wood type.
The book has 64 pages, coptic bound, with hard covers. Edition 40 copies.